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I am Clarice Thomas Roberts, A licensed Mental Health Counselor & A Certified Addiction Professional in Florida.

What I Do

I offer professional help to those who need simple advice or Counsel on Mental Health

Clarice Thomas Roberts
Licensed Counselor

Services & Solutions

Mental Health seminars

Learn how to address Mental Health issues.


Get expert therapy today for the future.

We are committed to helping our clients improve their mental health and well-being through personalized guidance and evidence-based techniques.

Our goal is to empower individuals to overcome stress , anxiety and depression by providing a safe and inclusive space for open and non-judgmental sharing of thoughts and feelings.

Attended an impressive and affordable seminar by Ctrbusinessgroup. It provided valuable information, new skills, and strategies applicable to my life. Highly recommend for informative sessions.

Linda Moore

CEO, Dentist

Clarice, my counselor, offered excellent support and advice with patience and understanding. Grateful for her guidance; highly recommend her services for positive life changes.

Layla Gordon

Senior Manager

Robertson, my supportive counselor, guided me through issues with patience and understanding. Grateful for her help; highly recommend her for compassionate and reliable counseling.

Jennifer Lee

Single Mother

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